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Could Inuvik's Heating Problems Be Good News For Yukoners?

Inuvik enjoys some of the lowest home heating costs north of 60. That's because the community is located near an operating natural gas well. But now that well is going out of service. And one solution to the problem may have an impact on the Yukon.

Colin Nikiforuk is the General Manager of Ikhill Joint Venture. It's the company that supplies natural gas to Inuvik. We reached him in Calgary this morning.

Sandi asked Mr. Nikiforuk.. "If Inuvik is surrounded by vast natural gas reserves. Why not drill another well?.."

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Murder in Illinois Has Strange Tie to The Yukon...

Yesterday Christopher Vaughn was sentenced in an Illinois courtroom. The 37 year old was convicted earlier on four counts of murder. The high profile case has a link to the Yukon.

Jon Seidel is a reporter with the Chicago Sun Times who covered the case. We reached him this morning in Chicago...

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Lots of Questions Concerning Gym Use at FH..

FH Collins Secondary School needs to be replaced. Does not appear to be any arguments there...but it's the way it's replacement will take shape that has the school community upset. At this point it appears once the gym is torn down in March, the students will not have a gym for the next two years...

What will it be replaced with in the iterim?

Val Royle the Deputy Minister of Education. She joined Sandi in the studio...

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