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Whitehorse City Council Cuts Back

The City of Whitehorse has an $800,000 hole in its budget. It only has about 3 months to save enough money to make it up.

Last night councillors voted on a series of austerity measures that includes cuts to everything from playground equipment to upgrades for fire hydrants. About a quarter of the shortfall is expected to come from city workers with restrictions on overtime and casual workers.

It was a bitter pill to swallaw and councillors wondered if they could register their votes as being 'reluctantly in favor'. For the record here is councillor Doug Graham's response to the bad financial news.

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Councillor Ranj Pillai was just as unhappy with the forced belt tightening and he's pushing for a city-wide audit to find out if taxpayers money can be spent smarter and budget more wisely.

He added his voice to the record with a pitch for support for a potentially pricey look at the way the city spends it's money.

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In the end Pillai and Graham both joined in a unanimous vote to approve the $800,000 austerity plan. However, council says it will also fast track Pillai's request for a top to bottom audit and will hold a special meeting to consider it within the next two weeks.