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Opening up the hunt on the Chisana Caribou

chisana caribou.jpgPHOTO: Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

Rural hunters in Alaska want their shot at the Chisana Caribou herd. That's the small transboundary herd which made headlines a few years back for what was dubbed "caribou maternity wards."

Wildlife officials were so worried about the herd's ability to sustain itself, they constructed a 10-hectare rearing pen. Pregnant cows were placed there until the resulting calves could outrun predators.

It worked... It worked so well, now there are proposals to open a limited hunt. Polly Wheeler is with the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service, office of Subsistence Management in Alaska. She spoke with A New Day guest host Roch Shannon Fraser about it:

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For more information: http://alaska.fws.gov/asm/public.cfml