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One More Contractor Weighs In On Affordable Housing..

Yet another developer is speaking out about the Yukon government's decision to reject affordable housing proposals in the City of Whitehorse.

The government asked for proposals to develop plans. Three developers were on track to provide housing just slightly below the median rent in the city.

Pressure from realtors and landlords caused the government to back track.

Housing minister Brad Cathers says privately-funded housing projects, currently under way in Whitehorse, would be put at risk by the multi-million dollar subsidy program.

Cathers points to the Brookside development in Crestview, where 120 units, with 80 basement suites, are under construction.

Affordable housing proponents were looking a smaller units in the downtown core ... a market Yukon Housing's own staff and anti-poverty groups says does not currently exist.

One month after the government's decision to kill the program, Patrick McLarnon is still upset....

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Attracting More Women To The Ranks Of Firefighters...

The Yukon's first ever female-only firefighting academy is fast approaching.

It's a chance for women age 16 to 25 to learn all about working for a volunteer fire department, and gain some valuble hands-on skills at the same time.

Camp Ember begins August 11th in Whitehorse, however July 31st is the deadline to sign up.

Carla Penman is the chief for Camp Ember. Lieutentant Penman is a North Vancouver District firefighter and co-founder of Vancouver's Camp Ignite..

Kiara Adams is deputy chief for the Camp . She is a member of the Whitehorse Fire Department.

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The Search Continues...An Update..

It's been more than a week since that disturbing stabbing incident in the Copperridge subdivision of Whitehorse.

Tanner Sinclair died from his wounds .

The investigation into the incident continues, including efforts to find Michael Mcpherson. He is the lone suspect and is facing a 2nd Degree murder charge.

Here with an update on this case is RCMP Constable Dean Hoogland...

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Preserving Language By Law...

The Champagne Aishihik First Nation has become the first ever in Canada to pass its own language act.

Members learned about the new law at its annual general assembly this past weekend at Klukshu.

During the assembly the chief and council announced the passing of a language act.

The First Nation has been working with its citizens to create a language law for a while.

We reached C-A-F-N council member Mary Jane Jim on the line to talk to us about it ....

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Return to the Riverbank

At one time, people lived all along Whitehorse's riverbanks.

And where the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site and Rotary Park sit today, there was a thriving community, called Whiskey Flats.

It was home to First Nations and non-First Nations people and new comers from around the world.

Whiskey Flats was demolished in the 1960s.

But it's still remembered by the Yukoners who valued it, and by those who called it home.

Here's Max Leighton's 3 Part series Return to the Riverbank ...

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Stricter Garbage And Compost Regulations A Possibility...

There is pressure on residents to be more responsible with garbage and compost after Conservation

Officers killed a mother bear foraging through garbage earlier this week.

Local organization Wildwise had been bearproofing some bins in area earlier this summer...

In British Columbia several communities now make bear-proofing mandatory

Glenda Koh is the acting Manager of Environmental Sustainability at the City of Whitehorse....

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The Town Of Watson Lake And Liard First Nation Taking The Yukon Government To Court

The Liard First Nation and the Town of Watson Lake are taking the Yukon government to court over water quality.

It's the first time the Yukon's environment act will be used against the government that passed it. And is also the first time a municipality and a First Nation have been listed as co-plaintiffs , according to the two parties.

The suit was filed yesterday in the Yukon Supreme Court.

Richard Durocher is the Mayor of Watson Lake....

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Improving Health Care For Women In The Yukon...

A call to improve healthcare for women...

NDP Health and Social Services Critic Jan Stick has been talking to women around the territory....A new reproductive health clinic in Whitehorse is likely to address some of those issues....We'll hear more about that from

Dr Stephanie Buchanan, the leading physician...and Michelle Wolsky,  the leading Nurse Practitioner of the clinic...but first Ms. Stick about her findings...


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Developer's Big Plans Dismatled After Government Decision..

A federal housing grant for the Yukon remains in limbo today, as there's still no word from the Yukon Government about how it plans to spend the remaining funds.

At least 10 million dollars, maybe as much as 13 million dollars remains unspent.

It was up until last month earmarked for an affordable housing program that promised up to 26 million dollars in new low cost rental housing.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Micro apartments - pic.JPGThat plan crashed abruptly last month, when the government announced it was cancelling the program.

The names of the 3 developers involved has been kept secret until now.

One of those developers is Whitehorse architect Antonio Zedda, whose plan included micro-apartments.


Inside a Yukon courtroom on a historic land claim case

For the first time, we are able to bring you audio recordings of a trial in progress in Yukon Supreme Court. It's a precedent setting case that will determine the future of land planning in the territory. It's attracting a huge amount of interest. Spectators filled seats in the courtroom on the first day and the judge opened a second courtroom with a video feed to handle the overflow.

But the case also set a precedent with Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale allowing photography as well as video during the opening morning of the trial. Here's part of that audio from the opening arguments. We'll hear lawyer Thomas Berger arguing on behalf of two Yukon First Nation and two environmental groups and then John Hunter arguing on behalf of the Yukon Government.

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