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Music Playlist September 27 - October 31, 2014

  • Haunted - Annie Lou
  • Don't Haunt this Place - Rural Alberta Advantage
  • Feeling 2 - Kids CBC
  • The Headless Horseman - Thurl Ravenscroft
  • Ghosts - Motel Raphael
  • Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
  • World on Fire - Sarah McLachlan
  • Champions of Red Wine - New Pornographers
  • All That We Have Now - Jesse Winchester
  • I'm a Mountain - Great Lake Swimmers
  • You've Got a Lot on Your Mind - Sloan
  • Am I Safe - Ryan Adams
  • Burning Bridges - Lucinda Williams
  • Katie's Been Gone - Bob Dylan
  • When the Day is Fresh - Wooden Sky
  • Freedom - Trent Severn
  • Peter's Dream - Lennie Gallant
  • Living and Dying - Joshua Hyslop
  • Jigsaw Heart - Elliott Brood

Recycling questions in QP

The Opposition continued to ask questions about what should be done to restore recycling at the Yukon's largest facility. Raven Recycling has quit accepting non-refundable items at its Whitehorse depot. It says it needs support from government to pay for collection and processing of materials like plastics, glass, tin and a range of paper products. The NDPs Kevin Barr raised the issue during Question Period yesterday afternoon.

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Community services minister Brad Cathers responding to the Opposition's Kevin Barr yesterday in Question Period.

Mount Sima open house

It's not too early to get ready for the down hill ski and snowboarding season. Mount Sima in Whitehorse is set to open in early December, but it's holding an open house this weekend. Cindy Chandler is the General Manager at Mount Sima.

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Tlingit carver works on new totem poles in Carcross

Tlingit master carver Keith Wolfe Smarch is working on new totem poles in Carcross. I stopped by the community this week and found Smarch inside the Carcross Tagish First Nation carving shed. He was chipping away at an elaborate totem log, with curls of wood chips surrounding his feet. 

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Whitehorse mom and son reunited: 60's scoop

crying.jpgIt's estimated up to 20 thousand First Nations, Inuit and Metis children were adopted or fostered to non-native homes from the 1960s to the 1980s. It's called the 60s scoop and Yukon children were part of it.

David Moroz and his twin brother were sent to foster homes and later adopted by a family in B.C. His brother died when he was 16. Soon after, David went in search of his birth mother. They've been close ever since. He's telling his story now to try and find closure. He spoke to the CBC's Cheryl Kawaja...

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Mayor and council want community services minister shuffled out

Whitehorse mayor Dan Curtis says the Minister of Community Services should partner with municipalities, but he says Brad Cathers is doing the opposite. City council passed a resolution last night asking Yukon's Premier to assign Cathers to a different department.

Here's Dan Curtis "clearing the air" last night's Whitehorse City Council meeting:

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Parts of Alaska Hwy in Whitehorse may be twinned

photo (41).JPGTransportation planners with the Yukon Government are proposing some major reconstruction work on the Alaska Highway through Whitehorse. The project covers the 30km stretch of highway from the Carcross cutoff to the Mayo Road.

They've spent at least a half million dollars on a draft plan, identifying problem intersections and bottlenecks along the route. Allan Nixon heads the transportation division for Highways and Public Works. Vic Istchenko spoke with him about the planning work so far.

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Cultural and historical transition of the Kwanlin Dun cemetery

DSC_0014.JPGIt has been a year since the first burial at the new Kwanlin Dun cemetery in Whitehorse. Friends and relatives of Virginia Vallevand gathered there to celebrate the anniversary.

To date, hers is the only grave on the new burial ground. Heather Avery has more on the cultural and historical transition from the old cemetery to the new one.

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(photo courtesy of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation)

Save the bowling alley

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Society of Yukon wants the city of Whitehorse to help save the bowling alley. Mad Trapper Alleys in Riverdale is slated to close next year. The Executive Director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and author of the letter, Harold Sher joined us this morning.

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