Nine-and-a-half Technologies That Could Save The World

Fifty years ago, very few people could have imagined what our world would look like today -- what astounding technologies would shape our lives. Who could have imagined the way that the computer has taken over almost every aspect of how we live, work and play? Who could have seen the coming of cell phones, satellite communications, pacemakers and heart transplants, gene sequencing and DNA fingerprinting, and synthetic hockey sticks - just to name a few? Maybe a handful of people -- most of whom would have seemed like crackpots.

This week on And The Winner Is.. we're going to update that list, and gaze into the near future with an award-winning episode of "Quirks and Quarks" called "9 1/2 Technologies That Could Change The World."

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 Listen to And The Winner Is...episode that aired on August 2, 2013

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