Winners of Amnesty International Canada Media Awards

Men hoping for a free hot meal line up behind cots at the Union Mission in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. (AP Photo, Philip Scott Andrews)

Each year Amnesty International Canada gives out awards recognizing excellence in journalism in the area of human rights. In this episode of "And The Winner Is..." we are presenting three documentaries that won this award in a video/audio cathegory. In the second part of our show you can hear Bruce Edwards' documentary "Gee's Bend - The Crossing", a story about two Alabama communities - one black, one white -trying to reconcile 35 years after segregation and the civil rights movement drove them apart. You can also hear Jennifer Westaway's documentary called "Skid Row" about Los Angeles, the capital of homelessness in America. But the show begins with Bob Carty's documentary "Guatemala's Search for Truth".
It's a story about life and death in a land that the world has largely ignorred, the land of the Maya. Fore more than three decades Guatemala was consumed by an armed conflict between government troups and leftist guerillas. While the world looked the other way, the military mascred tens of thousands of Indians. United Nations estimates 200,000 Guatemalan's died.

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