Malcolm / 20 Pieces of Music that Changed the World (Episode 13)

A busload of evacuees is escorted away from a Military airplane at Pierre Trudeau Airport in Montreal after arriving from Haiti. THE CANADIANPRESS/Peter McCabe

This week on the show we are presenting Elizabeth Robertson's documentary "Malcolm". It  was part of the "Arrivals" series that aired on C'est la vie with Bernard St-Laurent. The "Arrivals" series told stories about the people who are waiting at the international gate at Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

Malcolm was born in Haiti and he arrived in Montreal in November of 2009, just two months before the big earthquake.

Quebecers have been adopting children from Haiti for decades. Haiti was one of the first countries to make international adoption more accessible and French is one of the country's official languages .

Sonya and Sacha decided to adopt a child much earlier, but they had to wait three and a half years before they could bring Malcolm home. It was an extremely difficult wait. But, as it turns out, they were fortunate. They were able to get their boy out, before the disaster.

"Malcolm" was the winner of Bronze Medal in the category for the Best Narration at the 2011 New York Festivals.

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