Trucker Alex: North of Nowhere / This Car Was Made For Me

(CP PHOTO/HO/History Channel)

Alex Debogorski is an ice road trucker. He hauls freight to those tiny pin-pricks of light on the dark, empty Canadian barrenlands where they mine for diamonds. Alex's highway is a six hundred kilometer furrow of frozen water, ploughed lake ice stretching due north from the end of the pavement in Yellowknife. Except for aircraft, it's the only way to get to the mines. Even in the chilly Northwest Territories, only two months of the winter are cold enough to freeze the lakes thick enough to support a sixteen wheeler.

"Trucker Alex: North of Nowhere" was produced by Dave Miller of CBC Yellowknife. It first aired on The Sunday Edition in the March of 2008 and in 2009 it won a Silver Medal at the New York Festivals.

Krista Foss and her friend Barb Kowalcek are about to go on a long car trip. For fifty-two-year old Barb, this trip is special -- because she's just got her driver's license. But as two friends hit the road it soon becomes apparent that this trip is about a lot more than its destination.

"This Car Was Made For Me" was produced for the Outfront by Krista Foss and CBC's Carma Jolly. In 2004 it was recognized with a Certificate of Merit at the Gabriel Awards.

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