The Least Of These

As day jobs go ... this one is pretty tough stuff. Wendy Leaver is a Toronto cop. Her beat is sexual assault crimes. What she sees and hears is not for the faint of heart. And she's up against it every single day. The offenders she meets are the kind of guys who inspire the saying: "jail? they should be shot."

When Detective Leaver isn't at work ... when the precious down-time kicks in ... you might expect her to zone out - to find the quickest way of escape from the ugly world she sees as a police officer.

But you won't find her under the covers with a bottle of Jack Daniels. You'll find her working as a volunteer - with sex offenders. Showing compassion and caring to the kind of guys she's arresting during the day.


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Listen to And The Winner Is... episode that aired on April 19, 2011
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