Risky Business

CP PHOTO/Frank Gunn

If you stand outside any hospital in Canada, you'll probably see all kinds of vehicles picking up patients and dropping them off. Some say "ambulance" , or E-M-S on them. Some just have company names.

To the untrained eye, they all look pretty much the same. But they are not. E-M-S vehicles are for emergencies.The rest - the look-a-likes -- also move patients, but only those in stable condition. They're for "non-emergencies".

So the company that moves you from point A to point B may look like an ambulance. You probably think it IS an ambulance.

It may in fact be something quite different....a "patient transfer vehicle". In most parts of Canada, they are regulated by provincial ministries of health. But not in Ontario.

In Ontario, the minute you leave the hospital and get into that truck, you are entering the wild wild west of unregulated care. And your trip may be a Risky Business indeed. This week on And The Winner Is, we're presenting Tina Pittaway and her award-winning documentary from 2009. It's called Risky Business.

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