Forbidden Love: Genetic Sexual Attraction

Photo by Dragunsk

In June of 2009, Ontario's public adoption records were unsealed for the first time since the province started recording adoptions in 1921. Ontario thus became the fifth province to unseal its records making it significantly easier for birth families and adoptees to be reunited. But on rare occasions those reunions can come with a very disconcerting consequence

It's a phenomenon known as Genetic Sexual Attraction -- or G-S-A for short -- in which a sexual relationship develops between biological relatives. And for those reunited family members who experience it, GSA is often shrouded in secrecy, shame and fear.

CBC's Aziza Sindhu has been researching GSA and her award-winning program aired on The Current in May of 2009, with Bob McKeown as the guest-host.

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Listen to And The Winner Is...episode from November 23, 2010

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