News 2.0: The future of news in an age of social media

It's been a long while now since "tweet" was a sound a bird made, and a new friend was just someone with whom you'd recently spent some good times.

Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, You Tube - the reigning monarchs of social media - have changed our language and the way we relate to each other. They're revolutionizing how we make revolutions, and they're revolutionizing the news business. It used to be that the tools of the journalistic trade were held by trained, paid professionals whose stories wouldn't air unless they were approved by editors, even lawyers. But an army of so-called citizen journalists is on the march. They can report whatever they want, and it's up to you to determine if its true or not. The whole idea of news - how we deliver it and how we consume it - is being re-invented.

This week on And The Winner Is... we bring you Ira Basen with a the second installment of "News 2.0: The future of news in an age of social media."

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