Gustav Holst: Planet Maker


This episode of "And The Winner Is..." is devoted to one of the greatest composers and music teachers of the twentieth century, Gustav Holst. A lot of people who knew Holst well said that his personality was a combination of opposing characteristics. He was a thin and pale man, yet his movements were quick and energetic, even when he walked with a trombone strapped over his back. He was generally friendly and greagarious, but sometimes solitary, and remote. And although he was a practical realist in life, he sometimes appeared to be a dreamer and visionary. These contratsts in Holst's personality were also apparent in his music. Althought he received an official music training at England's Royal College of Music, he was largely self taught as a composer and liked to experimented a lot. Even when he wrote a very sucessful works, such as The Planets, or The Hymn of Jesus, he never continued in the same direction. It seems that was always searching for something else, some new notes in his music.

In 1974 the former show CBC Tuesday Night marked the 100th anniversary of Holst's birth with a special program. It was called "Gustav Holst: Planet Maker."

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Listen to "Gustav Holst: Planet Maker" (aired on "And The Winner Is..." on Sept. 27, 2010)
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