Burned: The Anatomy of a Plastics Fire


Between July 9th and July 12th of 1997, six hundred and fifty people were forced to leave an industrial neighborhood in Hamilton. The reason for the evacuation was the biggest fire in the city's history. It was also the fourth-largest environmental disaster of its kind in the world. The plastics fire at the Plastimet recycling facility involved polyvinyl chloride -- PVC -- and spewed out toxic chemicals, including dioxin. When CBC documentary producer Bob Carty looked into the fire, he found it was no accident. It was the culmination of years of bungling by many levels of government responsible for regulating and monitoring industrial sites. His documentary won the Canadian Association of Journalists Award for investigative journalism. Here's his documentary "Burned: The Anatomy of a Plastics Fire".

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Listen to "Burned: The Anatomy of a Plastics Fire" (aired on And The Winner Is... on Oct.4, 2010)
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