The Viking Millenium - Part Three

Historians tell us that the age of the Vikings began in the year 793, when a band of Norse marauders sacked the British monastery of Lindisfarne. It ended, they say, when the Viking descendant William of Normandy conquered England, in 1066. During the three centuries in-between the Vikings had a pretty full agenda, raiding and plundering through Europe, trading as far east as the Caspian Sea and settling parts of British Isles. They also managed to find the time to discover Greenland, Iceland, and in the year 1,000, North America. But was that really the last time that Viking set foot in North America??

This week on And The Winner Is..."The Second Coming", the concluding part of Ideas' three-part series on "The Viking Millenium." Chris Brookes takes a look at the Vikings among us, a thousand years later after they were supposed to have packed-up and faded away.

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