The Waltonsteins

(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

In 1998 actor-comedienne Franny Sheridan brought her one-woman show, "The Waltonsteins", to Ottawa. The show tells the story about Franny's family, who lived in Ottawa as good church-going Catholics. But as children would later discover, they were actually Jewish. And for the much of their life they had to supress their judaism in fear of another holocaust.

When Franny first wrote "The Waltonsteins" and revealed family's true identity, some of her family members were terrified that it may cause them harm, but in the end her Ottawa performance brought together her brothers and sisters for the first time in years.

"The Waltonsteins" was produced by Lynda Shorten. It first aired on This Morning, the Sunday Edition on December 7th of 1997 and it won a Gabriel Award in 1998. 

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