Tina and Kim Pittaway's Watery Road to Hell / Kindred Spirits in Kenya

If you ever think about how much water you use, it's enough to make you produce some of your own -- from your tear ducts. The long hot showers in the morning to get you going. And maybe a second one, after some time perspiring on the treadmill. Then there's brushing your teeth, making coffee, watering the garden, flushing the toilet. There are always dishes to be rinsed, floors to wash and laundry to do. And there's that annoying drip from a leaky faucet that you just haven't quite got around to fixing.

All of those things are part of what's called your" water footprint". But as you'll hear from our next documentary, they're just a small part.

This week on "And The Winner Is...", two sisters, both freelance journalists, are on a mission are on a mission to use less water -- but they face a startling reality. Their documentary is entitled Tina and Kim Pittaway's Watery Road to Hell -- and it originally aired on The Current.

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A man walks through a dead maize field due to the drought, near the Mau forest in Kenya. AP Photo/Khalil Senosi

Our second feature takes us to a place in Kenya where it rains only about a twice a year -- and where collecting and preserving water is of utmost importance. But for some Kenyan farmers, saving water is now less of a challenge, thanks to the support they'd been getting from Canada.

It all started in 1979. A group of farmers from developing countries came to Prince Edward Island to see how crops are raised in this country. Before long, the Island farmers were traveling to Africa, taking their expertise and know-how. Now PEI is celebrating the bond that has formed over the last three decades.

In the winter of 2005, the host of CBC Radio's Island Morning, Karen Mair, traveled to East Africa with the contingent from PEI and produced an award-winning documentary "Kindred Spirits in Kenya".

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