Big fines for southern Ontario fishermen on Lake Nipissing

Ministry nets three Toronto men for catching illegal walleye

October 02, 2017

Three men are now facing fines of over $8000 after being caught catching illegal-sized Walleye. (Daniel Miller/Associated Press)

Three men from the Toronto area netted themselves some hefty fines after being caught landing illegal walleye on Lake Nipissing.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said that after receiving complaints of illegal fishing on the lake in March, two anglers were found with 15 prohibited-d walleye. A third was fined for fishing without a license, and abandoning 16 walleye caught earlier in the year.


Ontario fishing regulations say that anglers are prohibited from landing walleye measuring 43-60 centimetres and not more than one walleye larger than 60 centimetres.

The fines each carry a minimum seven-month fishing license suspension.

The three men were charged a total of $8,600.

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