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A chalked-up trick to bring fall hues into your home

FAT Paint celebrates five years of business with a new colour and some sage advice

September 23, 2017

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Victoria Lambert of FAT Paint explains how to use chalk-style paint  6:14

New Westminster's Victoria Lambert's didn't always sell paint to more than 100 retailers.

Once upon a time, she was experimenting with interior decorating and using chalk- paint in her kitchen, with dreams of bringing colourful character to furniture and accessories in homes across the Lower Mainland.


"Chalk- paints are soft and easy to sand," she told host Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver. "That's a quality that we really like in our paint because it creates beautiful, smooth surfaces." 

Now, Lambert's FAT Paint is celebrating five years in business and has grown from those humble at-home beginnings to a production centre and retail space that's 5,000 square feet.

Inventing colours

The new Cascadia paint brings a worn-in hue to the arches of this bench. (FAT Paint/Debbie Reeves)

Lambert says chalk- paints are a way to bring what's called the "shabby chic" look into your home — a that makes objects look older or worn in an artful way.

Lambert's first colours were invented using her kitchen mixer. She started the company, along with her brother Bradford, in 2012.

Bluebird Upcycled Dresser in Cascadia paint (FAT Paint/Erin Rochon)

To mark the anniversary, FAT Paint unveiled its latest shade called Cascadia. Lambert did a lot of research in trends before coming up with this particular shade of green.

"I'm looking at different magazines, I'm always online ... and this green I've been seeing a lot."

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