Remai Modern ready for major donation today

TD Bank executives will be attending event

March 22, 2017

The Remai Modern Gallery will receive a major donation Wednesday afternoon. (Eric Anderson/CBC)

Saskatoon's Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan is set to unveil what it's calling a 'major donation' Wednesday afternoon.

TD Bank Group vice-president (and former Premier of New Brunswick) Frank McKenna will be in town to make the announcement.


The announcement comes after a $3.1-million grant to the gallery from the federal government in early March. That money will go toward finishing construction on the "Marquee" and "Feature" galleries.

The current price tag for the gallery sits at $84.7 million. Most of the money came from the City of Saskatoon, with the provincial government giving $16.7 million for construction costs.

Due to construction issues, it's still not known when the Remai Modern will open. CEO Gregory Burke said the gallery will likely open in the fall.

There are 8,000 works to bring into the building, galleries to be completed, and exhibitions to be installed.

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