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Virtuous Pie spices up vegan pizza with kimchi, jackfruit

'Cheeses' made from cashews, almonds and tofu

November 27, 2016

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Executive chef Jim Vesal shows off Virtuous Pie's creative flavours  4:16

Jim Vesal, executive chef at Virtuous Pie, tries to inspire lust for vegan pizzas with innovative flavours like Kim Jack, which includes includes kimchi and jackfruit as toppings.

Eschewing animals for plants, he turns to cashews, almonds and tofu to make the cheese-substitutes —  mozzarella, ricotta or feta — that give his creations that cheesy texture.


His most popular flavour is Stranger Wings, a buffalo cauliflower pizza with a blue cheese sauce — the name was inspired by the recent Netflix series Stranger Things.

The Med is made with baba ganoush, falafel, roasted red peppers, caramel olives at a little bit of feta.

Virtuous Pie's Kim Jack pizza combines jackfruit, kimchi and gochujang. (CBC)

Vesal joined host Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver to offer a sample of one of their most "out there" flavours: the Kim Jack — which is also made with gochujang, a Korean red chili paste.

"It kind of tastes like pulled pork," he said. "It has the same texture."

"It's fantastic," said Macarenko, after taking a bite, "Not too spicy. It's got the crunch to it too."

But don't look for a lot of "faux meat" on Virtuous Pie's menu anytime soon. Vesal said he tried creating a "meat lovers" pizza with six toppings of tofu and other meat alternatives, but it was a failed experiment.

To watch Jim Vesal show Gloria Macarenko the food on Our Vancouver, click here.

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