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Zombie Syndrome infects Vancouver theatre goers

Fifth year of interactive theatre production set on Granville Island

October 22, 2016

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Actor Rowan Jang describes his character and the unique play  4:12

It's not quite a Star Trek holodeck — but it's close!  

People who go to the Virtual Stage production Zombie Syndrome don't just watch — they run, hide, and seek out solutions to the scary virus that's ravaging Granville Island.


It's the fifth year the theatre company has performed the scary experience and this year the action takes place on Granville Island and the bad guys are a horrible hybrid of zombie-vampires.

Rowan Jang is in his third year of acting in Zombie Syndrome.

A bit of makeup and Rowan Jang is ready to hit the Zombie Syndrome stage. (CBC)

"You buy tickets online.... and then 24 hrs before the show you're contacted with a rendezvous point and the audience takes the lead role in the play and they are tasked with stopping the zombie breakout," he said. 

Jang says if you ever watched a movie and pictured yourself as a character, Zombie Syndrome is the play for you.

Rowan Jang has put on the face paint for three consecutive years at Vancouver's Zombie Syndrome event. (Virtual Stage)

He plays the villain guiding the audience to one of three possible outcomes in the production that is half scripted and half improvised.

Watch Jang being transformed into a scary monster while he speaks to Gloria Macarenko on Our Vancouver.

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