CBC Vancouver Launches First Original Podcast, Fault Lines

Earthquake podcast available now

October 21, 2016

CBC senior meteorologist and seismology expert Johanna Wagstaffe

Are we ready for "The Big One"? Available now, CBC Vancouver's new podcast series Fault Lines explores the potentially devastating effects of a massive magnitude earthquake predicted to hit the West Coast of North America. Seismology experts have been predicting a catastrophic, 9-magnitude quake along Pacific Coast cities for decades - it could happen any day.

Hosted by CBC senior meteorologist and seismology expert Johanna Wagstaffe, Fault Lines will outline emergency preparedness plans and procedures, interview various experts in the field and feature dramatic enactment of how this predicted natural disaster will impact British Columbians in the 24 hours, 72 hours, one month, one year following and beyond.


Podcast series available now.

Episode 1: Ripples in a pond

What does a 9.1 megathrust earthquake look like? Johanna Wagstaffe walks us through the makeup and  aftermath of a natural disaster in the making. Then, we look at the less discussed but equally damaging 7.0 magnitude crustal quake projected to strike beneath the city of Vancouver. Both outcomes are catastrophic.

Episode 2: The first 24 hours

How do survivors across B.C. gather and communicate with the rest of the country? As emergency workers race to rescue trapped victims and assess the damage to infrastructure as a major tsunami hits the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Are we prepared for this scenario?

Episode 3: 72 Hours - When supplies run out

Most survivalists recommend stocking 72 hour emergency kits… what happens when food and supplies begin running out? Communications lines improve with social media and radio acting as primary touch points to the outside world. How do families know when it's safe to return to their homes?

Episode 4: One week - A new normal

Seven days post-disaster, life saving continues but rescues turn into recovery efforts. It is now that outside aid arrives and the real scope of damage can be assessed. What happens to the thousands who have been rendered homeless, and how does the government begin the daunting task of rebuilding our province?

Episode 5: A month, a year and beyond - Lessons from Christchurch

Beyond the physical aftermath, what are the lingering long-term political, economic and societal impacts? Survivors of the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake offer their essential preparation tips. Learn important information on the plan every British Columbian needs to prepare for The Big One… because we know it's coming.

Fault Lines is available for download now at, on the CBC Radio app and the podcast app of your choice.

Special features from Fault Lines will also be aired on CBC Radio One's The Early Edition from Monday, October 10 - Thursday, October 20. 

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