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Tea Sparrow curates and mails healthy teas to customers

Each month Tea Sparrow sends out four teas — black, green, herbal and rooibos varieties — to their customers

January 16, 2016

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Michael Menashy of Tea Sparrow  4:20

Tea can have a lot of health benefits, but of the seemingly endless varieties some types are better than others, according to Michael Menashy, who runs Vancouver tea merchandising company Tea Sparrow.

"There is really nothing categorized out there or any way of systematizing a way to figure out what's clean tea, free of all artificial ingredients that are all natural, and teas that have good health properties and good mineral contents," Menashy told Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko


That, Menashy said, is where Tea Sparrow comes in — each month his business gathers four types of healthy tea varieties and mails them to customers.

Tea Sparrow curates tea from a number of sources, including B.C. companies like Tea Desire and Murchie's Tea & Coffee.

In the video above, Menashy shows Macarenko teas like moringa which contain the same properties found in many anti-aging supplements.

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