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Vancouver roofing company starts offering solar panel installation

Penfolds Roofing found new way to combat climate change

December 06, 2015

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Penfolds Roofing surprised at how many people are asking for solar panels  5:41

A roof that can generate electricity — that's what Vancouver company Penfolds Roofing has started to offer with an option of installing solar panels.

"We realized that solar has come an extremely long way. The cost of solar has come down substantially, and the technology has improved so much," said Sean Mayhew, director of marketing, who suggested it to his father, the president of the company.


Mayhew said the solar panels can actually save people money, thanks to BC Hydro's net metering program, which offers payment to people who generate more electricity than they actually use.

Penfolds Roofing president Ken Mayhew said solar panels can be installed at the same time as roofing is done.

"It just makes great sense, and it takes care of the environment at the same time," he said.

In the video above Sean and Ken Mayhew tell CBC host Gloria Macarenko about the benefits of solar panels and how they are installed.

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