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UNB, STU students told to throw out free condoms

Packages given away at university welcoming event were punctured

September 06, 2013

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The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Center is recalling potentially damaged condoms it gave to university students during frosh week.  1:57

A plan to promote safe sex to university students in Fredericton proved to be full of holes.

Officials at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University are now telling students to throw out free condoms that were given away during a welcoming event for students on Monday night.


That warning comes after some students reported their condom package had been punctured by a staple.

The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre still intends to distribute 2,000 free condoms to students. (CBC)

The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre's intention was to package the condoms with a message to ask for consent before sexual activity.

But Maggie Crain of the centre said the problem happened when that message was attached to the condom's packaging.

"Mistakenly, some of the staples pierced the air pocket that holds the condom," said Crain.

"So you can't consider it sterile, and over time, the air would break down the elasticity of the condom and make it more apt to break in the future."

About 80 of the compromised packages were given out.

Crain said the rest of the condoms were thrown out after two students pointed out the damaged packages.

Jen Connolly of UNB's Student Union Information Centre said steps were taken to alert students.

"It's been posted on Facebook, numerous places," she said.

"The poster commented, like 'good to know' - and it is good to know!"

A message has also been circulated through university email accounts.

Crain said the sexual crisis centre will package another 2,000 condoms for free distribution to students and include the message to ask for consent. Those messages will now be attached with tape.

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