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Soup Sisters volunteer events

Soup sisters.jpgIt's been six months since Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers launched their first Quebec chapter in Montreal. Now, more than one hundred volunteers and workers have now chopped and stirred a thousand bowls of soup for a good cause. 

The organisation makes soup for women's shelters and other community organisations across Canada. Here in Montreal, Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers donates its soups to La Maison Flora Tristan, a shelter for ethnocultural women.

These events, held at l'Académie Culinaire, are usuallly fully booked but there is a rare opportunity to take part in an event on Tuesday, September17th. (Sonali Karnick is one of the participants, as you'll hear.)

Gail Corobow is the coordinator for Montreal's Soup Sisters and she tells us about what they've achieved so far - and how you can help.

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