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Perspectives: Montreal on Trial

Black Theatre Workshop - Montreal on Trial.jpgAn intriguing new production by Black Theatre Workshop is putting Montreal on trial. And we're the jury.

Here's the case:

The last descendant of an Iroquois family has discovered an historical contract that seems to make her the lawful owner of the city of Montreal. To claim what is hers, she has to go to court to make the case that Montreal hasn't lived up to the terms of that contract. If she wins, 3 million Montrealers could be kicked out of their homes.

To help us judge the case, we've invited in two of the participants in this collective creation: Deborah Forde is the director of Perspectives : Montreal on Trial . She's also the program director for the group that created the play - the Youthworks Airhead Ensemble. Michaela di Cesare is artist in residence at Black Theatre Workshop. She's also part of the ensemble cast.

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