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Sports: April 2013 Archives

Solidarity runs for Boston across Quebec

Facebook pages have sprung up across the province, calling on runners from Montreal to the Abitibi to the Magdalen Islands, to show their sympathy and support for the people of Boston and all those affected by the tragic end to the Boston marathon last Monday.

In Quebec City today, there's a run organized by Daniel Riou. Sonali Karnick speaks with him about his own connection to the Boston Marathon and what the Quebec City run will be like.

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Canicross: take the dog out for a run

The Spring Canicross season kicks off this week in the Eastern Townships. Canicross is basically cross-country running while attached to a DOG.

The runner wears a belt similar to that worn by mountain's a running harness with a waist belt and a flexible harness.  The dogs runs out front, propelling their two-legged companion forward at speeds he or she probably couldn't attain on their own.

Genevieve Baril is a dog trainer and a Canicross enthusiast who runs Sirius Canin Sports.  She spoke with Sonali Karnick this morning. 

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