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Sports: November 2012 Archives

Mixed Curling championship in TMR

Curling stones.jpgThe Town of Mount Royal Curling club is hosting the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship.

This is the largest curling championship in Canada held in a club rather than an arena. And 14 teams from across the country will compete.

It also just happens to mark the 50th anniversary of the competition.

So in the spirit of mixed curling - we have a mixed pair in our studio this morning.

Mike Fournier is the skip of the Quebec team, and Eileen McKay-Saturnino is the lead of the Northwest Territories team.

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Goalie Jamie McLennan's hockey stories

Best Seat in the House.jpgSometimes what happens on the ice doesn't stay on the ice. It's not the whole story either.

Former NHL goaltender Jaime McLennan's new book The Best Seat in the House talks about the odd situations and antics he got into and out of, including his disastrous meeting with Kiss band member Gene Simmons.

Jaime McLennan tells a few tales out of school, in-studio with Sonali Karnick.

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