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Potted (Harry) Potter: a 70-minute romp through 7 novels

PottedPotter-TouringArtwork.jpgPotted Potter is a two-man, 70-minute show that delivers all seven Harry Potter novels about the young wizard's adventures at Hogwarts.

Those 70 minutes are jam packed with costume-changes, songs, silly props and even a game of Quidditch for the audience.

Potted Potter has played to sold out rooms worldwide. It's a critic's pick by the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Time Out London, and it won the 2012 Olivier Award nomination in Britain for Best Entertainment & Family Show.

The show is coming to Montreal's Corona Theatre in April.

This week, its two creators Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner are in town. Dan and Jeff are also two former hosts for BBC children's shows. This morning, they give Sonali Karnick a glimpse of all the fun they'll be having onstage.

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