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Taking Back Time, part 1

the-slow-fix.jpgSometimes it feels like our lives are just moving too fast, that we can never catch up - even on weekends.
It's frustrating and tiring.

Well, the madness stops here.

Over the next few weeks on All in a Weekend, we're going to take a closer look at how we spend our time  and how we can slow things down.

The CBC's Elizabeth Robertson will be helping us connect the dots. She spent some time recently talking with the guru of the Slow Movement, Carl Honoré.

The Slow Movement is an idea that spread around the world as a response to our fast-paced lives. It was Carl HonorĂ©'s first book In Praise of Slow  that put it on the map. Carl's latest book The Slow Fix, is about taking the time to solve problems.

Elizabeth recently spoke with the Canadian journalist and author, who was in the CBC studio in London, England. They started their conversation applying slow principles to time stresses at work.


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