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Performance: April 2013 Archives

Whisper: an original musical at Vanier College

Yao and Chelsea take a bow.jpgThe TV show Glee is about a group of high school misfits who join the glee club and finally find their voice - and they''re always singing. Now the show has inspired two CEGEP students at Vanier College in Montreal to write their own musical.

It's called Whisper - and it just happens to be about students in a performing arts school.

Nineteen-year-old Yao Wang wrote the musical, along with her friend Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin, who wrote the stage play and sings a lead role. They told Sonali Karnick all about the show - which hits the stage Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

(Photo courtesy of Vanier College: Yao Wang is centre stage. Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin stands to her right.)

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Duncan Wall: "The Ordinary Acrobat"

The Ordinary Acrobat.jpgBeyond the clowns and acrobats, the lion tamers and dancing horses, Duncan Wall tells the history of the Circus and the Circus arts in The Ordinary Acrobat.

He wrote the book on a Fullbright scholarship to the École Nationale des arts du Cirque Rony-sur-Bois in France and learned how to do everything from juggling to the flying trapeze, which a couple of injuries along the way.  Through Duncan Wall's own journey through his circus education, he documents the origins of the circus: Philip Astley, known as the Father of the Circus, Jules Léotard, who developed the Flying Trapeeze and the storied past of jugglers.

Duncan Wall now teaches at the École National de Cirque in Montreal and spoke with Sonali Karnick this morning.

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Yuli Turovsky: a students' tribute

Yuli Turovsky was a master cellist who founded the chamber music orchestra I Musici de Montréal. He died in January, age 73, from complications due to Parkinsons disease.

Four of Quebec's most talented young musicians between the ages of 14 and 23 are putting on a special benefit concert in memory of their teacher, Yuli Turovsky.  One of them is Stéphane Tétrault, a cellist with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. 

Stéphane is already known for his talent and he's also gotten some attention for the instrument he plays.  Stéphane was in the news last year when an anonymous benefactor bought a Stradivarius cello, worth 6-million dollars, and decided to lend it to him.  (The benefactor has since been named: Jacqueline Desmarais, of the Desmarais Power Corporation family.)

Stéphane studied with Yuli Turovsky at the University of Montreal and even though he had offers to study around the world, he chose to stay in Quebec.  Stéphane spoke with Sonali Karnick about his relationship with Turovsky and about what he's going to perform in the concert.

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