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Nikki Yanofsky: Something new

Nikki Yanofsky.jpgNikki Yanofsky's new album Little Secret isn't out just yet, but she does have a new single:  Something New. And it is a new sound for her - maybe a sound to call her own.

Let's go back to where she started...

Nikki Yanofsky cut her teeth on Ella Fitzergerald and other jazz greats as the youngest headliner at the Montreal jazz festival. (She was 12.)  In 2010, her song I Believe from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver went platinum four times. She recorded two albums, mostly of cover songs. Now, at 19, she's changing her repertoire. She's signed up with legendary music producer Quincy Jones and is releasing a new album.

Nikki Yanofsky talks with Sonali Karnick about finding that new voice, working with the great Quincy Jones, and performing with Stevie Wonder.

(Photo of Nikki Yanofsky by Valerie Jodoin-Keaton)

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