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Clara Venice, a one-woman-band

Clara Venice.jpgThey are D-J's, singers, songwriters and loop artists, and they're all one-man bands. This weekend, Montreal hosts the second One Man Band Festival.

Fifty-seven one-man and one-woman bands have come here from all over the world, and from all musical genres. These days, the technology makes it easier to make a big sound alone. (Not to mention it's cheaper than touring with a band.)

Jon Cohen, the ex-guitarist of The Dears, started the One-Man-Band festival last year, after years of touring solo and meeting lots of other solo performers. This festival aims to showcase their ingenuity and musicianship.

Case in point: One of the artists Jon Cohen is listening to these days is Clara Venice. She's a singer and violinist who's become one of the rare people in the world who plays the electronic instrument called the theremin. Clara Venice is performing tonight at the One Man Band festival. We caught up with her in Toronto before she left for Montreal.

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