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Music: April 2013 Archives

Whisper: an original musical at Vanier College

Yao and Chelsea take a bow.jpgThe TV show Glee is about a group of high school misfits who join the glee club and finally find their voice - and they''re always singing. Now the show has inspired two CEGEP students at Vanier College in Montreal to write their own musical.

It's called Whisper - and it just happens to be about students in a performing arts school.

Nineteen-year-old Yao Wang wrote the musical, along with her friend Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin, who wrote the stage play and sings a lead role. They told Sonali Karnick all about the show - which hits the stage Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

(Photo courtesy of Vanier College: Yao Wang is centre stage. Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin stands to her right.)

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Folly and the Hunter

Folly and the Hunter.jpg
Montreal band "Folly and the Hunter"  just released their new album, "Tragic Care", this month.  Folly and the Hunter are relatively new to the scene but the band has already gotten the attention of established musicians such as "The Barr Brothers" and "Arcade Fire". 

Before they go on a tour across Canada next month, band members Nick Vallee and Christopher Fox dropped in to talk about how their band and this album came together.
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A Propos on CBC: 25 years of showcasing French music

A-Propos.jpgLouis-Jean Cormier sings Daniel Bélanger, and Martha Wainwright sings Lhasa. Those are just some of the special performances that A Propos has commissioned to celebrate its 25th anniversary on CBC Radio.

A Propos features music from francophone Canada, in particular from Quebec's popular music scene. In all that time, producers have come and gone, but the host of A Propos has remained, and over time, Jim Corcoran has become a well-respected arbiter of the best of Quebec's music scene. Jim Corcoran joins Sonali Karnik to talk about the show's past and the future of francophone music. 

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