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Music: January 2013 Archives

Rob Lutes' new album The Bravest Birds

RobLutes_The-bravest-birds_Cover.jpgFour years ago, singer-songwriter Rob Lutes got rid of his 'day job' as a writer and editor at the NFB to devote himself full-time to making music. He also became a father again.

He says both of those momentous events had an impact on his latest album -- his sixth -- The Bravest Birds.

The latest reviews are glowing. The Gazette awarded The Bravest Birds four stars out of five this week. CBC Music calls it 'stunning' - "a beautifully crafted, 13-song record that needs your undivided attention."

Ainslie MacLellan takes a listen this morning with Rob Lutes.

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Daniel Clarke Bouchard, piano prodigy

Daniel Clarke bouchard.jpg

Last year, pianist Daniel Clarke Bouchard from Saint-Lambert played Carnegie Hall in New York City.

He won that opportunity as first prize winner of the Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition.

He's just 12 years old.

Daniel has won a lot of prizes and attention since his first recital at the age of 6 -- and this is just the beginning.

Tonight he's performing at the Black Theatre Workshop's Annual Vision Gala, which launches Black History Month and pays tribute to Gregory Charles.

Daniel Clarke Bouchard joins Ainslie MacLellan in-studio this morning.

(Photo courtesy of Valerie Clarke)

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Martin Léon's "exotic laboratory"

Laboratoire Exotique poster.jpgMartin Léon's 2010 album Les Atomes was a bestseller. But he never hit the road on a cross-Quebec tour when the album came out, as most artists would.

The award-winning singer-songwriter had many other things on the go - including scoring films like the Oscar-nominated Monsieur Lazhar .

But that wasn't the only reason.

Now, over two years later, Martin Léon has decided to do a different sort of show and tour: one venue, music, photos, and stories.

He calls it an 'exotic laboratory" - "Laboratoire Exotique."

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