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Music: October 2012 Archives

Mark Bérubé and the Patriotic Few

mark berube album.jpgMark Bérubé and his band have concerts coming up in venues ALL OVER the province...from New Richmond ... to Shawinigan... to Sherbrooke. And travel has played a big part in his life too.

So when he was in Quebec City recently, he sat down with the CBC's Rachelle Solomon -- and a big Canadian atlas.

Click here to hear the original item on CBC Radio's Breakaway in Quebec City.

Durham County Poets: 100 years of experience

Durham 071.JPGThe Durham County Poets came together in a coffeehouse in Ormstown in the Chateauguay Valley.  That's where they also started writing songs in weekly sessions. This week, they launch their first album.  But as they point out, collectively, the five Poets have over 100 years of musical experience - in other bands. Sonali Karnick spoke with lead singer Kevin Harvey and Jim Preimel who plays percussion.

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