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History: March 2013 Archives

Knowlton House

knowltonhouse.JPGYou'd hardly know it, walking by but an aluminium sided house in Knowlton is actually, underneath, historically important. It belonged to P.H. Knowlton, for whom the town is named. He built the house in 1815. 

The Knowlton Golf Club owns the house now, and they're seeking permission to demolish the building.  David Kinninmonth is an architect who lives in Knowlton and he's on the "Village Development" committee of the Town of Brome Lake. He spoke with Sonali Karnick about the history of the house and others that could be just like it in Quebec. 

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Creamy, dark Guinness beer for St Patrick's Day

It's not green outside yet, but everything will be green  today in honour of St Patrick's Day. The annual parades in Montreal and Richmond will begin later this afternoon. And the beer will be flowing later too.
Green beer notwithstanding, this holiday's most iconic beer is Guinness. A creamy, dark pint of Guinness is famous for those bubbles that sink and the floating widgets in their cans. 

So, in celebration of St Paddy's, Sonali Karnick speaks with professional beer taster and judge Mirella Amato about the science behind those high-end suds.

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Spirit Lake Internment Camp in Abitibi

Spirit Lake artifacts.jpg
During a recent trip to the Abitibi, the CBC's Marika Wheeler dropped by a museum that marks a shadowy part of Canada's past.
From 1914 to1920,  thousands of immigrants of Austro-Hungarian descent were labelled 'enemy aliens' under the War Measures Act and were forced into work camps across the country.

There were 24 camps in all, and three of them were in Quebec. One camp near Amos in the Abitibi was called Spirit Lake.  For a long time, all that marked the camp's existence was a cross--- a memorial. But after years of hard work, a museum is now there to pay tribute to that part of Quebec history. 

Marika Wheeler joined Sona from our Quebec City studio.
(Photos courtesy of Spirit Lake internment camp corporation)

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