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Health: May 2013 Archives

Lentils + rice

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Lentils and rice are just the beginning.

The Concordia University Perform Centre presents a workshop on all kinds of protein combinations in their healthy cooking program. It's about food pairings that make up complete proteins when you're not eating meat. They're not only better for your health but for your wallet  and the planet as well.

Théa Demmers is a dietician with Concordia's Perform Centre and she is teaching the class on healthy cooking. She joinedSonali Karnick in studio this morning.

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Meghan Telpner's "Undiet" approach to health

MeghanTelpnerUnDiet.jpgOn this weekend's Food Feature, we meet Meghan Telpner, author of the new book Undiet: Eat your way to vibrant health.

She calls herself a 'nutritionista'. She's actually a certified nutritionist, but nutritionista is more fun to say.

Fun is a big part of her approach to healthy living. Her new book re-imagines the way we look at our health and our power to change it - and a sense of humour is part of it.

She knows, because she's had to do it in her own life.  Meghan was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 26.


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