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Health: September 2012 Archives

Stress, Part 5: stress and social status (and teens)

Well-stressed.jpgIt's time for Part 5 of our series on stress - how we figure out what stresses us and what we can do about chronic stress.

Dr Sonia Lupien is the founder and director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress in Montreal, which combines research with public outreach.

Dr Lupien is also a professor of psychiatry at the Université de Montreal. Her latest book is called "Well Stressed: Manage Stress Before It Turns Toxic."

This week, Dr Lupien will take a look at our how our social status - particularly in the case of teenagers - affects our stress levels.


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Run for McGill dental outreach clinic

McGill Dentistry Outreach.jpgWe often hear about runs to raise funds for a good cause.

But sometimes there's a good cause that not many people know about.

This weekend in Montreal, there's a run to support free dental services for people who would otherwise never see a dentist. It's the McGill Dentistry annual Run for Outreach.

And third-year dental student Lauren Vredenburg - also an event organizer -tells us more about the cause.

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Inspiring teenage girls to get fit

Claudine Labelle started out as an athlete. But she's built her career around inspiring others to get active - in particular, teenage girls.

She spoke with Elizabeth Robertson about the FitSpirit program that provides mentoring and inspiration in schools in Quebec and Ontario.

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