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Green/environmental: April 2013 Archives

Ébénisterie Public Woodworking: the community's workshop

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Not everyone has the space, the know-how or the tools for making their own furniture. Also, that sawdust can get kind of messy. If you're tempted to try your hand at woodworking this summer, there is another option available.

Public woodworking exists in many cities across North America and there is a lot of interest for it in Quebec. Sonali Karnick went to Ébénisterie Public Woodworking in Cowansville, a public woodworking workshop where all you need are raw materials.

And even the raw materials are something you probably don't have to buy. Cameron Gagnon set up the workshop that helps people with their own projects and he encourages the use of recycled wood. With the number of people using the space, Cameron even has plans to make it a cooperative business. Sonali met Cameron and two other people who use the workshop for their own projects.
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