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Food: May 2013 Archives

Lentils + rice

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Lentils and rice are just the beginning.

The Concordia University Perform Centre presents a workshop on all kinds of protein combinations in their healthy cooking program. It's about food pairings that make up complete proteins when you're not eating meat. They're not only better for your health but for your wallet  and the planet as well.

Théa Demmers is a dietician with Concordia's Perform Centre and she is teaching the class on healthy cooking. She joinedSonali Karnick in studio this morning.

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Ted Reader: "Gastro Grilling"

Gastro Grilling.jpg
Last year around this time, chef Ted Reader talked with us about his cookbook on mixing beer and barbecue called Beerlicious. This year, he's grilling up something a little more elaborate.

His new cookbook is called Gastro Grilling: Fired-up Recipes to Grill Great Everyday Meals. Just to whet your appetite, that means dishes like grilled beef tenderloin with fire roasted red pepper and goat cheese, rum-injected rotisserie pineapples, and chocolate peanut butter coffee cake. 

Ted spoke with Sonali Karnick about how to bring the barbeque to another level. 
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Lufa Farms: rooftop greenhouse

Lufa farms tomatoes.jpgA couple of years ago, we told you about a new farm on the island of Montreal that's in an unusual place - a rooftop in the middle of an industrial park.

Lufa Farms occupy a 31,000-square-foot greenhouse on that roof in Cartierville-Ahuntsic.

They grow a wide variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, chili peppers, lettuce, chards and herbs - many of them less common varieties. The farm is hydroponic -- meaning the plants grow in water, without soil. And they deliver their baskets of produce to a hundred or so drop-off points in Montreal so you get it as fresh as possible.

Lufa Farms give regular guided tours around the greenhouse, and there are several today in English, all through the day. (Since it's Mother's Day, there's a basket of produce to win! Take your mom.)

Lauren Rathmell is the greenhouse director, and one of founding members of Lufa Farms.


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