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Food: July 2012 Archives

Cross-Canada train trip for Montreal food bloggers

Jasper tourists from VIA's Canadian train (Val Howes).jpgTwo Quebec food bloggers recently got back from the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

They were invited by VIA Rail to come aboard for that cross-Canada train trip that some of us dream about. The train is called The Canadian. And it has a new menu to match the name.

Mayssam Samaha and Dustin Gilman  got to see how the new head chef managed to cook brunches and dinners in a tiny, shifting kitchen as the prairies and mountains rolled by.

They joined Elizabeth Robertson in studio.

(Photo,left, of tourist on VIA's train The Canadian; courtesy of Val Howes)

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Bavarian pretzels and black breads in Thetford bakery

The stores are full of ripe Quebec berries right now. But in Thetford Mines, it's also pretzel season - and people line up for them at the local marketplace.

Theda Weber-Lucks is the person who creates these addictive Bavarian pretzels. She runs a bakery in Thetford  - the Boulangérie Bretzel - which is also known for its German black breads and other artisanal goodies.

Thetford is about an hour south of Quebec City, and it's now home for Theda, who's originally from Germany. She tells Elizabeth Robertson how an avant-garde musicologist from Berlin ended up baking bread in Quebec.

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BBQ Pork with Bartek Komorowski

Bartek 004.jpgMontreal food writer and all-around pork expert Bartek Komorowski is serving up "street meat" on Saturday night at Montreal's Place de la Paix in the Quartier des Spectacles. And his meat of choice, as always, is pork. Sonali is on the scene getting the skinny on barbecuing pork: what cuts to use, how to cook it and how to keep yourself from drooling uncontrollably as you listen to this segment. (Well, maybe not that last part.)

**Click on 'Read More' (below) to try Bartek's BBQ recipe! 


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