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Films: March 2014 Archives

Rudy Barichello's Meetings with a Young Poet

Meetings with a Young Poet.jpgA struggling Montreal poet meets his idol - the great Irish author Samuel Beckett - in a café in France, and it changes his life. He's in his 20s; Beckett is in his 60s. The two begin a twenty-year exchange of ideas on the creative process - and an enduring friendship.

That's the story behind a new Quebec movie by Montreal filmmaker Rudy Barichello. It's called Meetings with a Young Poet. It's playing tonight at the FIFA art-film festival and opens this coming week in Quebec.

Rudy Barichello joins Sonali Karnick in-studio, along with actor Vincent Hoss-Desmarais who plays the young poet.

(Photo of Vincent Hoss-Desmarais with Stephen McHattie in Meetings with a Young Poet; submitted by Item 7)

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Michel Poulette: "Maina" in Innu and Inuktitut

Maina the movie.jpgThe new Quebec film Maina needs to be seen on a big screen. There are sweeping vistas of the great north in the film, which was shot in the Mingan Islands along the North Shore and in Kuujuak in northern Quebec.

Maina tells story of the daughter of a grand Innu chief who finds herself reluctantly walking with the enemy to the land without trees, in the tundra. It takes place before European settlers came to North America,  when clans were fighting for territory and survival.
The movie has gotten multiple nominations in festivals around the world, and took Best Picture and Best Actress at the American Indian film festival.

It opens this coming Friday in English and in French with premieres beforehand in Sherbrooke, Quebec City and Montreal. (The English release will be at Cineplex Odeon Forum in Montreal.) 

Michel Poulette is the director and one of the producers of the movieHe tells Sonali Karnick about the experience.

(Photo courtesy of Equinoxe Films)

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Lady In Number 6 wins an Oscar

IMG_8029.jpgSome Oscar-winning crew members of the short documentary Lady in Number 6 came by to speak about their project, the big win and what's next for them.

Director of photographer Kieran Crilly and producer Frederic Bohbot, both Montrealers, speak about what they learned from working with Alice Herz-Sommer.

Before she died two weeks ago at the age of 110, Alice was the oldest Holocaust survivor and found refuge in music and in particular, the piano. All this was documented in the Lady in Number 6.

(Photo: Kieran Crilly)

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