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Peter Wintonick's last film a search for utopia

Mira and her father Peter Wintonick.jpgIn November, we lost renowned documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick.

He's best known for Manufacturing Consent, a film about media propaganda.

Peter Wintonick won a Governor General's Award for his work. He was also a mentor to many - including his daughter Mira. They co-directed the 2009 documentary PilgrIMAGE.

This fall, just after he was diagnosed with cancer, he started planning another documentary. It was about utopias - imagined, ideal places. He'd been gathering footage on it for years.

Peter Wintonick died before he could finish the project. Now, his daughter Mira Burt-Wintonick - a CBC producer - is hoping to complete it. She tells Sonali Karnick about the project and how you can help.

(If you're interested in helping Mira finish the film, visit: )

(Photo of Peter Wintonick with his daughter Mira courtesy of

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