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Films: December 2013 Archives

The Shortest Day Short Film Celebration

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Today is the winter solstice, the official start of winter.  It's also the shortest day of the year and if you feel like marking the occasion, today you can take in a medley of short films at The Shortest Day Short Film Celebration for the first time in Canada.

The country-wide festival is a one-day celebration of short movies and it's FREE.  Originating from France back in 2011,  the event has now spread to 20 countries.  Élise Labbé is the head of festivals for the National Film Board of Canada. She explained how the day works and what kind of short films will be screened.
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Québékoisie: journey on Route 138

Filmmakers Olivier Higgins and Mélanie Carrier travelled the world together. They made a point of meeting local indigenous peoples wherever they went but one day they realized they didn't know anywhere near as much about Quebec's own First Nations. 

They set out to change that. Olivier and Mélanie made a documentary about that journey of discovery called "Québékoisie". The film recently won the Magnus Isaacson award at the RIDM documentary festival, an award for work with exceptional social consciousness. 

It's playing in Quebec City now, and Montreal is to come in January, with stops in Rimouski and Trois Rivieres.  Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins, spoke to Sonali Karnick on All In A Weekend.

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