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Last Woman Standing

In 2012, the Olympic games included women's boxing for the first time. That was the good news.

The bad news? Only three weight categories were admitted, instead of the usual eight.

Mary Spencer and Ariane Fortin were both world champion boxers. They were also the best of friends. For years they had toured together, competed together and confided in one another. But when the Olympics rolled around, they suddenly found themselves in the same weight category. This meant only one of them could represent Canada at the Games.

A new documentary, Last Woman Standing, tells the story of what happened to their friendship.

Juliet Lammers and Lorraine Price directed the documentary. They spoke to Elizabeth Robertson about their experience.

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Jay Baruchel talks apocalypse and comedy

This is the End.jpgThe movie This Is The End has become one of this  summer's blockbusters.

This Is The End tells the story of a bunch of Hollywood actors who go to a fabulous party at James Franco's house. And then the world ends.
Convenience store customers are raptured up to heaven in beams of blue light. The earth cracks open.
And flames engulf the Hollywood hills.

This Is The End stars a gang of guys we're used to seeing together including Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and our guest, Jay Baruchel.

Normally, when we speak to a local person who's made it big, we say he's originally from Montreal.
But Jay Baruchel still lives and works here.

You may have seen him as Sherlock Holmes this spring at the Segal Centre, or heard him on the CBC defending his favourite book on Canada Reads.
Soon, he'll be hosting a gala at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Now he sits down with Elizabeth Robertson for a chat about his latest projects and staying put in Montreal.

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