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Kevin Tierney doesn't hold back on Oscar picks

oscar-statuette (Associated Press, Jason DeCRow).jpgMillions of people around the world will be watching the 85th annual Academy Awards tonight. 

From Zero Dark Thirty to Quebec's nominee War Witch, or Rebelle, there are a lot of films to cheer for tonight (10 in the Best Picture category alone this year!).

Kevin Tierney is a big Oscars fan. He's the award-winning film producer and writer behind the Quebec blockbuster Bon Cop Bad Cop and director of French Immersion.

Kevin joins Sonali Karnick to talk Oscars - the ones they should give out and the ones they might.

(Left, Oscar statuette; courtesy of Associated Press, Jason DeCrow)

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NFB's Spring Break Channel (it's free!)

Cat Came Back.jpgThe National Film Board has posted 2,500 films online - for free - in the past few years.

This March, they're preparing something new for the kids - a Spring Break Channel (March 4-April 15).

Deborah Drisdell is director general for Accessibility and Digital Enterprises at the NFB. 

She joins Sonali Karnick to talk about the Spring Break Channel, as well as some new offerings for International Women's Day (March 4-10).  (Above, Cordell Barker's Oscar-nominated film The Cat Came Back)

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Yan England heads to the Oscars with "Henry"

Yan England suiting up for Oscars.jpgQuebec actor Yan England will not be watching the Oscars on television this year. He'll be in the audience hoping to climb up on stage.

His film Henry is nominated for an Academy Award in the short film category.

It's the story of an elderly man, a former concert pianist, lost in memories of his past and struggling with the reality of his present. 

It was inspired by Yan England's grandfather.

He himself has been in front of the camera since the age of eight, in French and in English. Henry is his second short film venture, but his first Oscar nomination. He wrote, directed and produced it.

Yan England joins Sonali Karnick in studio, before heading off to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards next Sunday. (You can catch Henry on ARTV this week, or on

(Above, Yan England gets fitted for his tuxedo in Montreal last week; photo, CBC)


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