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Rafaël Ouellet's Camion in cinemas, TIFF

Camion.jpgThere's a new Quebec film in cinemas this weekend.
It's called Camion, and it's set against the beautiful backdrop of the Lower St-Lawrence.

The basic story of the film is very simple:

An older trucker is involved in a head-on collision, and the accident kills the driver of the other car. The trucker becomes depressed, so his son drives in from Montreal with his brother, and the two of them head back to their hometown to help their father.

That's it. But under that simple premise lies a sea of very complicated and delicate emotions.

Rafaël Ouellet wrote and directed Camion.
It just won two awards at an international film festival in the Czech Republic - the Karlovy Vary festival. And it's heading to the Toronto International Film festival. Rafaël Ouellet spoke with Elizabeth Robertson about the film and how his father inspired it.

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